Board of Incorporators

Overview of Role:

The Board of Incorporators serves as a link between the community and the Board of Directors. This group of volunteer community members stays active and involved in Maple Manor activities and events. The Board of Incorporators elects individuals from its membership to serve as the Board of Directors. It provides input, advice, and counsel on how the organization can improve its services and strengthen its ties to the community. Members serve as advocates for the organization with the local business community, and may represent Maple Manor as members of ad hoc committees and other means of service.

Jyl Bradley
Kathleen Helie
 Hannah Houghton
Joe Conway 

Mark Pitkin – Board Chair
Jodi Hoyt-Vice Chair
Philip Glazier – Secretary
 Bob Gonyo – Treasurer
Margaret Schagen
Lawrence Schissel, MD
Jeanette Pixie Ingalls
 Harold LaValley
Ivy Lawrence