Manager’s Report 2015

I have been working as Maple Manor’s Site Manager for seven years. I would like to share with you what has happened in this past year.


Resident Selection– Maple Manor had 7 move outs/ins in the last 12 months. When a new resident is about to move in there is a number of steps that need to be taken to assure a residents’ eligibility. Those steps are also taken on a yearly basis thereafter. Maple Manor’s 40-unit Project is at full capacity, with a waitlist of 52. The waitlist for Maple Manor is currently closed due to it being more than a four year wait. While the waitlist is closed, I still accept applications but the applications are put in an inquiries file, of which there are currently 7. Once the waitlist is re-opened I will put the inquiry file applicants on the waitlist according to date and time the applications are received. The waitlist is updated once a year.


During 2015 seven (7) tenants left Maple Manor.  Three of those moved into a setting that offered a higher level of care, two moved with friends/family and two passed away.   It’s interesting to note that in total those tenants lived at Maple Manor for 57 years, or an average of 9.5 years for each tenant.


When an apartment is vacated it is completely refurbished before a new tenant moves in.  The unit is professionally cleaned, and flooring (carpeting and vinyl) is replaced if needed, as are appliances.  Units are also painted if necessary.


At this time Maple Manor/ Elmwood is fully occupied with 45 residents.  Ten of those residents are men and 35 are women.  Four couples live at Maple Manor/Elmwood and the remaining tenants are single.  The average age of tenants is 73 for men and 73 for women. 


Administrative / Financial Issues


Maple Manor’s contract with HUD renewed on March 1, 2015 and will continue for a twenty-year period. With this year’s OCAF, (operating cost adjustment factor) rent will be adjusted to $901 per month, up from $874, effective March 1st.


External training– As HUD rules and regulations change routinely it is critical that staff has the training they need to insure they adhere to the regulations appropriately. Maple Manor maintains membership in the Granite State Managers Association which also provides needed training as well as opportunities for networking. In June 2015 Gordie and I attended Fair Housing Training; it was a lawyer’s perspective on how to understand housing laws. I also have had several Web/Tel Span Conference Trainings on the EIV (Enterprise Income Verification) system and HUD changes including Annual Security Awareness, upcoming changes to HUD’s 50059, a form used in the recertification process, and the new changes to HUD’s 4350.3 handbook. EIV is a web-based system that contains employment and income information on individuals who participate in HUD rental assistance programs. All Public Housing Agencies are required to use HUD’s EIV system.


External Reviews- Maple Manor’s annual HUD review was completed in April 2015. The review included areas of general appearance and security, follow-up and monitoring of project inspections, maintenance and operating procedures, leasing and occupancy, tenant/management relations and general management practices. I am very happy to report that based on the areas reviewed the report reflects an overall Above Average rating.

Maintenance- Gordon Brill responds to routine maintenance issues at Maple Manor.   Gordon has been in his position for eight years.  Maintenance issues Gordon responds to may be called in by residents or identified during routine, quarterly inspections.  In 2015 Gordon responded to 730 maintenance issues.   After each maintenance request is completed, residents are contacted by me to insure the issue was resolved to his or her satisfaction.    If outside contractors are needed, residents are informed of that need, and they are provided a time frame for when the issue will be addressed.  When outside contractors are hired, Maple Manor requires a certificate of insurance naming Maple Manor as an Additional Insured. Last year residents indicated satisfaction with how maintenance requests were handled 100% of the time.


Gordon also carries a pager to respond to emergent issues that occur outside normal business hours.  In 2015 there were 7 pages, those pages included responding to issues related to Maple Manor’s fire alarm system, responding to concerns regarding residents’ Rinnai Heaters, and assisting residents who had locked themselves out of their units.  The pager system is available to residents 24 hours/day 7 days/week.  Each resident is given a refrigerator magnet so the telephone number to call is close at hand when needed.


Alarm Monitoring- During the past twelve months the Fire/EMS/Police departments have responded to three medical and two fire alarms at Maple Manor.


Capital Improvement- Maple Manor has done several projects this year, those include:


  • Replacement of carpet throughout in 6 unit, and linoleum replacement throughout in 5 unit
  • Replacement 4 refrigerators, 4 hoods and 2 stoves
  • Replacement 2 countertops
  • Replacement of 2 bathroom vanities
  • Replacement of 6 kitchen cabinets
  • Replacement of 1 bathroom tub/shower unit
  • Replacement of  electric load panels in all units


Energy Project- Currently Maple Manor is engaged in a significant energy project, with a substantial reduction in energy consumption and predicted cost savings of approximately $34,000 a year. What will be included in the energy project:

  • Solar panels
  • Air sealing in units
  • Air sealing in Community Room
  • Insulate attic in Community Room
  • Replacement of all water heaters to electric
  • Removal of all Rinnai heaters, replacing them with wall mounted heating & cooling system
  • Replacement of refrigerators 2006 and older
  • Updating outside lighting with LED lighting
  • LED replacements in units and Community Room
  • New paving of parking lot and walkways


Elmwood at Maple Manor- Both units have been occupied since its opening Feb. 1st 2013. Elmwood now also has a waiting list of 1.


Resident Activities– I like to have the residents’ involved in the Community by scheduling local performers to come in, organizing the Annual dinner, Annual Chicken barbeque as well as several other barbeques throughout the summer. The residents also enjoy the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday parties. Bingo/birthday party is held once a month in the Community Room, with myself calling the numbers, I also coordinate events with Connecticut Valley Home Care, Blood Pressure Clinic once a month and a foot clinic once every other month. I have also coordinated with individuals who need to do community service, through Family Services.


A monthly calendar of events is posted that lists the bingo schedule, blood pressure clinics, the weekly social, and other potluck luncheons, barbecues, and other activities that are planned for residents.  The calendar typically has a “special event” sometime during the month, depending on holidays, etc.


Community Alliance continues to enjoy its relationship with Maple Manor and values the trust the Board of Directors has placed with our Agency.  We are very proud of the accomplishments we have made at Maple Manor, the successes we have been part of, and we look forward to working with Maple Manor for many years to come.

Respectfully submitted,

Jaye Stilwell, Site manager