Maple Manor Questions and Answers

1. How much will my rent be?
Tenant rent is 30% of your adjusted income. The Site Manager will let you know what information is needed to determine what your rent will be. Tenant rent is recalculated annually.

2. Am I allowed to have pets at Maple Manor?
Yes, residents are allowed to have a pet. Small dogs, cats, birds, or fish are all permitted. Maple Manor does have pet ownership rules to insure owners act responsibly and pets receive proper care.

3. Am I allowed to have overnight guests at Maple Manor?
Residents are permitted to have guests for a period of up to two weeks. All overnight guests must be registered with the office. Day visitors are expected to leave at a reasonable hour so as not to disturb other tenant’s privacy.

4. Am I allowed to make changes and/or improvements to my apartment?
Any interior or exterior modification and/or improvement tenants wish to make must be approved by the Board of Directors. Tenants are responsible for all costs of materials, installation, maintenance, and removal if necessary of said improvements. Please check with the Site Manager before making any changes in your apartment.

5. Are any activities available?
An array of activities is available throughout the year. Residents have weekly socials, bingo, barbeques, potluck luncheons, and a host of other get-togethers. Maple Manor also offers nursing and social work consultations as well as regular blood pressure clinics on site. The public transportation system has several stops each weekday at Maple Manor, allowing residents easy access to shopping, medical appointments, and other local businesses.

6. Who is eligible for this housing?
Individuals who meet the eligibility guidelines for a Housing & Urban Development (HUD) subsidy and who are capable of independent living are eligible and may be considered for a Maple Manor apartment.

7. What’s included in my rent?
Heat, hot water, and electricity are included in the rent. Tenants are responsible for telephone or television cable charges.

8. How do I apply for a housing voucher?
9. How do I apply for section 8 through HUD?